About WordPress
WordPress is a blogging software that helps you create and maintain a blog in the easiest way possible. Delving into its technical aspect, it’s an open source and freely available content management system or CMS that’s designed and implemented using MySQL and PHP.

The installation of WordPress happens on a Web server. This web server can either be a network host itself or be a part of any Internet hosting service. While the latter may be the case of a WordPress blog/website running on a portal like XYZ.com, the former would involve a computer loaded with and running the WordPress.org software package itself. A good example of network host would be a local computer converted into a Web server through appropriate configuration, hosting the WordPress.org software for learning purposes or testing by a single user. Its features would include a template system, apart from a plug-in architecture.

If we look at the popularity of WordPress, the market figures till January 2015 indicate that out of the top 10 million websites on the Internet, more than 23.3% were based on WordPress! It is by far the most popular and regularly opted for content management system on the Internet, and is responsible for easy creation and healthy running of as many as 60 million different websites!

About WordPress themes
A major benefit of using WordPress is that you get the freedom of selecting from a good variety of themes which are pretty easy to install. To add to that, all these WordPress themes are quite different from each other, implying that regardless of what topic your website may be on, you’re guaranteed to find an appropriate theme to meet your needs. The only issue that comes to mind is that there are so many options that you may find it hard to figure out the right one!

Let’s go over some of the commonly asked questions related to the WordPress themes.

Will it be your website’s focus that’ll determine the selection of the WordPress theme?
The different WordPress themes that are available out there have different features capable of highlighting the distinct elements of your portal. Hence, it’s important that you keep your website’s focus in mind when making your selection. For instance, if your website is about a photography portfolio, you’d like to go with a theme which focuses on and highlights the images. On the other hand, if you’re a blogging expert, you’d like to go with a theme which makes it easier for your blog readers to navigate through your website.

Should you buy a theme or go for a free one?
There are a large number of free WordPress themes available out there and you are most likely to find one which fits your needs. Having said that, many WordPress publishers prefer investing into paid themes which come with dedicated support and regular updates.

How to locate a WordPress theme which has all the desired features?
A good way to locate a WordPress theme which falls in line with all your requirements is to research them based on their specific features. For instance, if you’re looking for a photo gallery, it’d be better that you search for the top 10 photo gallery-based WordPress themes. Also go through the individual WordPress themes to better understand their unique offerings. Another good way is to just try out and play with all the probable themes.

What about compatibility with different web browsers?
The WordPress theme you choose may or may not be compatible with all the web browsers. This may be critical if you’re looking to target a large market base. One of the major issues faced in this regard is that some of the themes don’t have backward compatibility with older versions of the web browsers. All in all, you must take care that your WordPress theme doesn’t hinder your website’s visibility.

How to install the WordPress theme?
It’s a fairly easy process! Just log in to the admin section of your WordPress installation and scroll down on the left-hand sidebar until you find the ‘Appearances’ section. It is from here that you’ll be able to navigate through, install and try out different WordPress themes.

Will it be possible to customize the WordPress themes?
Yes, WordPress gives you the flexibility of making changes to the themes in order to make them suitable for your needs. However, it’ll also depend on your coding skills and the theme per se. If you’re good with coding, customize the theme by accessing the admin site of the WordPress. Else, majority of themes come with limited options related to addition of logos, changing of color schemes, creation of menus and other customizations.

Is there anything else you should be aware of?
It’d make sense to go through the user agreements of the short-listed WordPress themes. Some of them place restrictions on the way the themes can be used. For instance, some developers don’t allow their themes to be used for any commercial purposes. As mentioned earlier, the best way to go about them is to experiment with them and try them out!