Free Wordpress Themes

Atmospheric Augmentation
This three-column Wordpress theme provides a moody backdrop to your web-based project. This theme combines powerful weather elements with a robotic, hexagon-based section, contrasting nature with machine. Built under the Themeatic Theme Framework environment. Wordpress 3.0+ compatible.

Elephant Ear
Elephant Ear brings an exotic flair to your Wordpress site. A contrasting brown lattice-work pattern and a curlicue header lend a refined yet rugged flair to your blogs, newsletters, and other projects. Elephant Ear is elegant simplicity. Wordpress 3.0+ compatible.

Euro Subways
Take a ride with this template and attract all kinds of blog readers. The retro, European metro system look is pleasing to the eye and easy to understand your specific content. Wordpress 3.0+ compatible. Built under the Themetic framework environment.